3G Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our priority

People ask us all the time what the 3G stands for in our name. The 3G’s are the cornerstone of our guarantee: great prices, great purchasing options and great in-stock selection of reliable new and used packaging equipment and supplies.

In other words, we don’t just sell equipment. We look for ways to help our customers improve the performance within their businesses when they buy from our company.

  • Great prices

    We offer new AND used packaging equipment which gives you the opportunity to reduce your cost of acquiring packaging equipment for your business. We also offer packaging equipment rental to allow you to have access to a great selection of packaging equipment to fit your needs for specific projects without the expense of full-blown, long term ownership. That’s a great way to keep your profit margins high.

  • Great purchasing options

    At 3G Packaging, we want to make it easy and cost-effective for your business to source and acquire the packaging equipment you need to meet the needs of your business. That is why we offer three packaging equipment purchasing options to fit your requirements:

  • Great in-stock selection

    We have the best selection of in-stock packaging equipment in Canada and we guarantee the performance of our products.

    New Packaging Equipment Guarantee

    When you buy new packaging equipment from 3G Packaging, it is covered by our manufacturer’s warranty. Warranties vary by manufacturer and equipment. Contact your account manager for details.

    Used Packaging Equipment Guarantee

    When you buy used packaging equipment from 3G Packaging, you get a 30-day parts guarantee from the date of delivery.

    Rental Packaging Equipment Guarantee

    When you rent equipment from us, the monthly rental price includes, setup and continuing maintenance. The monthly rent is all you pay us to keep your rental equipment running well. Something to Consider when Renting Packaging Equipment from 3G Packaging If you are uncertain that the machine will suit your needs, you may rent it. If after renting it for a suitable trial period, you determine that it is what you want, buy it and apply a part of the rental to the purchase price. If it is not what you want, return it.

    Packaging Supplies Guarantee

    We guarantee the packaging supplies we sell to be free from defects. We will replace any product found to be defective.

We are your source for packaging equipment and supplies