Advances in Packaging Technology Blog Series: Void Fill Technology

November 06 2013

void fill packaging technologyMany advances have been made in packaging technology over the past few decades. This blog series takes a deeper look into the technological advances in three main packaging processes: void fill, carton sealing and pallet wrapping.

A Closer Look at the Void Fill Process and New Technology

When you have empty space in the carton, this space must be filled with protective packaging material (void fill) to prevent boxes from crushing (stacking strength), eliminate product migration (sliding around in the carton), and protect the product itself from damage. Void fill is typically performed by a person who stuffs empty spaces within carton with various materials. Void fill materials such as air pillows, loosefill, bubble wrap, newsprint, kraft paper, and foam are commonly used. The packer needs to determine the amount of material that needs to be placed in the empty space in order to protect the items for shipment. This process is typically a bottleneck within the packaging operations since it is very labour intensive.

Ranpak Corp. reviewed and analyzed this costly packaging process and devised a new packaging technology called AccuFill. AccuFill is a scanning void fill measurement system, which increases productivity, reduces packaging costs and controls the void fill process by taking away the guesswork on the amount of paper void fill material to be used to properly protect items during shipment.

As boxes come down the line, the AccuFill sensors scan the box to determine its size, measure the volume of the objects inside the box and compute the amount of paper needed to fill the void. It then signals the FillPak® converter to dispense the exact amount of paper needed — no guesswork required. One of six standard analysis reports will compute the paper usage of the AccuFill system by collecting data from each box ran through the system.

Benefits of the AccuFill Scanning System are:

There are some clear business benefits to employing a new packaging technology void fill system like AccuFill:

  • High Volume – inline void fill system with output of up to 12 boxes per minute,
  • Optimization – controls material usage to prevent over and under filling ,
  • Flexibility – ability to read and pre-program up to 26 unique box sizes
  • Management Control – 6 standard analysis reports available
  • Environmentally Friendly – 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable paper

View the AccuFill System in Action Now.

Download the AccuFill System Brochure Now.

If you are looking for new ways to streamline your packaging process, reduce your packaging costs and eliminate packaging bottlenecks, investigating new packaging technologies is the first step. You can contact a 3G account manager to fill you in on some of the latest technologies to improve your packaging process.

Has your operation implemented any void fill technological improvements recently? Tell us about them by joining the discussion below.