New Packaging Equipment

New Packaging Equipment

As one of Canada’s largest and finest packaging equipment suppliers based in Mississauga, Ontario, 3G Packaging is here to furnish you with the right tools for your working requirements. From brand new small impulse bag sealers to rapid rotary sealers and a wide selection of industrial scales that can verify and count all kinds of products. Our team of packaging experts will make sure you obtain the right tools that are most suitable to the intricate needs of your projects. As part of our 3G guarantee, you can be sure to find some absolutely amazing prices, great purchasing options and an expansive selection of dependable packaging equipment and supplies, old and new.

With a broad client base composed of both large and small businesses, we are proud to effectively satisfy their demand for user-friendly and safe packaging equipment. We are also pleased to have forged strong ties with our many unique business partners throughout our many years in operation. As implied, the new equipment we offer is perfect for businesses in almost any field imaginable.

For instance, we carry a great range of detection equipment that is perfect for ensuring the safety and integrity of your products just as we carry all kinds of inkjet printers that will inscribe any type of character units or barcodes on almost any brand of material. With so many options, 3G Packaging should be able to offer exactly what your business needs.

We have all the packaging equipment you'll need

The 3G Guarantee

As part of our guarantee, when you purchase our new packaging equipment – you’ll be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.  Although the warranties differ based on the manufacturing company and equipment, we nevertheless want to make sure our customers are getting the best possible deals. This is also why all the supplies we provide are defect-free. Should there be any issue, we always replace the defective equipment immediately. This policy and our pro-customer approach has helped make 3G Packaging one of the packaging businesses of choice in Toronto and the GTA. You certainly don’t need to take our word for it however, the positive responses from the many businesses that have come to us for our equipment and supplies speak for themselves.

We Carry New Packaging Equipment

It goes without saying that our services are truly wide-ranging and varied. However, if you are specifically looking for new packaging equipment either in Toronto or with full Ontario coverage, the list of equipment detailed on the side bar will demonstrate just what we can offer you and your industry. We also carry an equally fantastic selection of used equipment on a separate page, and we certainly encourage you to have a look at those items as well. Oftentimes, our re-appropriated options work just as well as our newer choices and usually for a lower cost.

New Packaging Equipment