Packaging Equipment Catalogue

Packaging Equipment Catalogue

3G Packaging carries a wide selection of in-stock packaging equipment for sale and rental

Bag Sealers

We carry a complete range of bag sealing equipment, from small impulse bag sealers right up to high-speed rotary sealers.

Banding Equipment

We carry a premium series of banding equipment, Bandall. The stand-alone labelling / banding equipment offers flexibility, accuracy, reliability and speed all with low operational  and energy costs.

Case Erectors

Choose from our full line of case erecting equipment, from semi- to fully automatic high-speed systems, suction cup or pin and dome, hot melt or tape closure systems. ROI for case erectors can be realized on volumes as low as 500 cases/day.

Case Sealers

We carry several lines of carton sealing equipment that can work with uniform or random box sizes. Choose from small semi-automatic units to fully automatic high-speed random systems, in either hot melt or tape closure formats.

Check Weighers

We carry several lines of check weighers and check weighing equipment.

Conveyor Systems

Explore our wide range of conveyor solutions that comprise both system type and user application. Choose from flexible gravity systems, powered roller-skate wheel units on casters or slider bed belt systems. Or find a solution that meets your unique application, ranging from simple conveyors for basic requirements right up to sophisticated systems for stringent food industry conditions.

Detection Equipment

We provide detection equipment and x-ray inspection systems that ensure product safety and integrity in order to avoid product recalls and customer complaints. Detection equipment and x-ray systems help manufacturers to achieve compliance with HACCP and retailer requirements as well as national and international regulations.


We carry the Thiele line of feeders, counters, collators and placers that range from counting small paint chip cards to dispensing clamshells at high speeds.

Flow Wrappers

Fin, crimp style and shrink packaging equipment.

Industrial Ink Jet Printers

Choose from a wide variety of industrial inkjet printers to suit your needs and budget, from low cost, large character units to high-resolution barcode and graphics capable solutions for porous, semi- and non-porous surfaces and materials.

Industrial Scales

We carry a full range of filling, verification, counting and barcoding scales, including floor or bench systems, stand-alone models and full inline PLC interface verification and inventory management systems.

Labelling Systems – Printers & Applicators

We offer a range of solutions, from simple desktop thermal transfer label printers and dispensers or pre-printed labels applied to your products right up to high-speed software-driven inline systems that print and apply custom labels during production.

Material Handling Equipment

Choose from a complete range of material handling solutions, including work stations and components, shelving and racking, tape, label and pallet wrap dispensers, order picking carts, pallet trucks, walkies, stackers, lift tables and much more.

Pallet Wrap Equipment / Stretch Wrappers

We carry a full line of pallet stretch wrapping equipment, ranging from semi-automatic wrappers to large, fully automatic high-speed systems. If you hand wrap 15 or more loads per day, it’s more cost effective to use a machine to increase productivity, reduce labour costs and avoid injuries. In addition, a machine-wrapped load is more secure and machine grade films cost less than hand wrap films.

Paper Counting & Inserting Tabs

Counting stacks of paper cards, labels, brochures, tabbing on press deliveries.

Poly Baggers

Wrapping magazines: automatic feeders, collators, stackers, and inserters.

Shrink Wrap Machines

As one of Canada’s largest shrink packaging equipment distributors, we offer a complete range of solutions, from semi-automatic to fully automatic systems that handle up to 100 packages per minute and accommodate various product shapes and sizes. Popular options include side sealers, L-bar sealers, bundle and sleeve wrappers, horizontal and vertical wrappers and one-step seal and shrink systems.

Strapping Equipment

We carry a complete range of strapping solutions, from simple automatic tabletop units for boxes and bundles to fully automatic, inline conveyorized systems for palletized loads.

Void Fill & Cushioning Systems

From paper systems to air pillow systems.

Tape Dispensers

We offer a wide selection of tape dispensers.

We have all the packaging equipment you'll need