Packaging Supplies List

Complete Packaging Supplies List

3G Packaging carries a wide selection of in-stock packaging supplies and warehouse & shipping supplies.

Cartons, Gaylord bins, and Custom Corrugated Products

We offer various sizes of corrugated containers, from shipping cartons to Gaylord bins, and can supply any custom corrugated product you need.

Protective Packaging, Bubble Wrap & Cushioning

Select from a complete range of in-the-box-packaging solutions, including void fill, loose fill wrapping, cushioning and block & brace, as well as air pillow and foam systems, Fillpak, PadPak and Ranpak paper void systems, single-faced corrugated, kraft and newsprint paper, bubble wraps, bubble masks, bubble bags, end caps, foam wraps, polyethylene foam rolls, laminated wraps, foam pouches, foam chips, foam in place, expandable foams, die-cut foams, insulating containers, temperature-sensitive and material-handling sensitive monitoring systems.

Health & Safety Supplies

Choose from a huge selection of health and safety gear, apparel and equipment, including first aid kits, anti-fatigue mats, safety eyewear and goggles, respirators, dust masks, gloves and other personal protection equipment.

Industrial Label, Ribbons Decals, Tapes, Magnets and Tags

We carry a wide range of custom printed, plain or stock copy labels, ribbons, decals, tapes, magnets and tags in a variety of formats, materials and adhesives, including paper, film, foil and tag grade with permanent, removable, repositionable, blockout and freezer adhesives.

Plain, pre-printed thermal transfer, thermal direct & laser industrial labels, blockout, freezer, permanent or removable adhesives. butt-cut, die-cut, rolled, perforated, sheeted & fan folded.

Mailer & Shipping Bags

Bubble-lined, padded, fibre-filled, foam, foam-lined, non-cushioned, reinforced, rigid fiberboard disk, poly-coated fiberboard mailer/shipper bags and mailing tubes are in stock and ready to be shipped.

Monitoring Systems

Don’t wait for a mishandling issue. ShockWatch provides various solutions to determine excessive impact, tilt, temperature and humidity.

Packaging, Warehouse & Shipping Supplies

We carry corrugated boxes, single face corrugated rolls, kraft, newsprint and tissue paper, poly bags, sheeting and tubing, twine, utility knives, markers, packing slip envelopes, staples, nails, stitching wire and many other packaging and shipping supplies. We keep most packaging and day-to-day warehouse and shipping supplies in stock.

Pallet Wrap

Choose from high performance, standard, cast and blown pallet wrapping films in a multitude of widths, gauges and slip factors available in both hand wrap and machine wrap formats.

Janitorial & Sanitation Supplies

Choose from a wide variety of janitorial and industrial sanitation supplies, including cleaning and paper products, paper towel, toilet tissue, garbage bags, soaps, cleaners, rags, wipers, brooms, mops, wringers, buckets and a host of HACCP products.

Shrink Bands & Shrink Sleeves

We carry PVC, PET and PETS shrink bands as well as polyethylene stretch labels. All materials are available in plain, clear or solid colours, pre-printed and formed or custom printed and branded either with or without perfs. We also carry the full Polypack line of supported and unsupported shrink bundling equipment.

Shrink Film

We supply polyolefin, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and specialty shrink films in a multitude of widths, gauges and slip factors in centre-fold or flat single-wound formats. We sell Cryovac shrink film.


We offer polypropylene, polyester and steel strapping in a multitude of widths, gauges and strengths, as well as buckles, seals, tools, carts and corner protective edge-boards.

Industrial Tapes

Tape choices include transfer, aluminum foil, anti-slip, bag and carton sealing, cellulose, cloth, corrugator’s tape, double-coated, double-sided, duct, filament, flatback, foam, gummed, gummed reinforced, HVAC, kapton, label protection, aisle marking, litho, masking, mounting, nuclear, polypropylene, PVC, polyester, pouch, printed, repulpable, silicone, splicing, stay, strapping, tear, Teflon, thermosetting, transparent, UHMW, venting and many others.

We have all the packaging supplies you'll need