New Tape Dispenser – Better Pack BP555eS, Electronic Gum Tape Dispenser

New BetterPack 555eS Electronic Gum Tape/Water Activated Tape Dispenser. 115 Volts.
Capable of up to a 3″ wide tape roll; 1,000 ft. roll capacity. Output of 6-45″ per second. Features an automatic tape advance, programmable keypad (random key – custom length tape), thermal cut-off and safety interlock switch. UL-Listed, CE and CSA Certified, RoHS compliant. Capable of sealing up to 100 cartons per 8 hour shift. 

The BetterPack 555eS series is the most popular electronic dispenser. Engineers to meet worldwide electrical requirements (UL-Listed, CE, CSA certified, RoHS compliant). The BetterPack 555eS features a user-friendly keypad that is colour-coded with 14 pre-sets, a 1,000 ft. roll tape capacity with tape output of up to 45″ per second, automatic tape advance and heavy-duty self-oiling blade. Created for a fast-paced packaging environment, with many productivity enhancing accessories available.


Inventory #: MGTDI555ES
Status: For Sale
Manufacturer: Better Pack
Condition: New
Power: 115 VAC
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