Used/Rebuilt Wexxar WF20T Fully Automatic Case Former

NEW to our showroom… Wexxar WF20T Fully Automatic Case Former
The Wexxar WF series case formers are versatile and industry-proven machines with unique mechanical case forming and bottom flap folding technology. Offering maximum flexibility and performance within a broad range of styles and sizes.

Standard Features:
• The Flex Speed feature optimizes machine functions and meets the needs of each case size by providing speed ranges that the operator can quickly access and select.
• Tool-less, colour-coded, pictorial instructions ensure ease of case size changeover (in approximately 7 minutes).
• Advanced fully interlocked safety guarding allows easy access for service, and operator protection.
• Tilt-out DEKKA tape head – for quick and easy roll changes.
• Fully automatic Remote Demand Control, pauses production when the discharge conveyor is full.
The WF20T case former introduces a new level of performance and standards for ease of use, quality and value. Featuring a case squaring system and enhanced pin and dome system that ensures accurate forming and easy handling. Built for sustained high speed tape applications, this operator friendly system will handle your most demanding packaging needs.

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Inventory: MCSPS70126
Description: Used/Rebuilt Wexxar WF20T Fully Automatic Case Former
Manufacturer: Wexxar
Status: Available
Condition: Used/Rebuilt
Electrical Specifications: 480 VAC, 1.60 Amps, 60 Hz, 1 Phase, NEMA 12
Air: Required
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Rental: Please Contact