Protective Packaging Perfected

March 07 2017
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Written by: Sean Winick 


It’s hard to describe a worse feeling than opening up a long awaited package just to find out the contents are damaged. This can be a devastating ordeal, even just for fancy lipstick you ordered online but imagine if it were parts for a rush order of dialysis machines…


Are Your Customers Complaining About Product Arriving Damaged?

 Items in transit go through quite a beating whether they are being shipped on the ground, over the sea or in the air. Some incidents are unavoidable; however, the most common shipping mishaps can be countered by properly packaging products. During the shipping process boxes are being loaded and unloaded repeatedly and during the trip they can be moved around if not secured correctly.

Damaged product is not good for anyone. The customer is frustrated because they have to wait an extended period of time for the next arrival, you as the supplier are covering costs of damaged inventory coming back and now you have to use double the packaging resources for the same amount of product. So how do you avoid this?


Geami WrapPak

Geami WrapPak is a protective packaging solution that is composed of two paper layers. The first layer is a tissue paper interleaf and the second layer is a die cut kraft paper. When the die cut kraft paper is pulled, the paper narrows and creates a 3D honeycomb web. The combination of the paper provides a protective layer to the contents in an aesthetically pleasing way compared to other packing methods.
(Ranpak, 2016)
The honeycomb web provides excellent impact deflection and shock absorption and the interlocking nature of the web eliminates the need for tape plus prevents the contents inside from moving around the box.


Why Don’t I Just Use Bubble Wrap?

Geami WrapPak can cut costs and save you money over bubble from several components. Items wrapped in Geami WrapPak don’t require taping, so right there you have eliminated a cost and increased productivity at the same time. This system also helps reduce waste associated with perforated bubble. You only use the amount of material you need as opposed to tearing off pre-perforated sheets. This can also result in reduction of box sizes due to the ability to bundle items. Ranpak has seen box size reductions as high as 40% (Ranpak, 2017) and when you reduce the size of boxes you can also eliminate the need for void fill.


 What About The Environment?

 Geami WrapPak is made from renewable resources. The virgin brown and virgin white die cut kraft papers are purchased from paper mills that source materials from forests where 100% of the wood fiber used in the production of the paper is harvested Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) trees (Ranpak, 2017). The interleaf tissue paper also contains 100% recycled content. Everything is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.


(Antalis, 2015)


The ideal replacement for bubble, foam, packing peanuts and air pillows is here. Geami WrapPak is the new wave of paper packaging innovation and it will protect your products at a lower cost, all while taking up less space in your warehouse.

Money saved, more storage space and increased productivity because of one machine… take a look at this video to see how the Geami WrapPak works.



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