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3M 700AKS Btm Belt Uniform Case Sealer, 3


For large RSCs used in the appliance, furniture, and other industries, 3M-Matic™ Top and Bottom Drive Belt Adjustable King Size Case Sealer 700aks accurately seals top and bottom flaps at up to 40 uniformly-sized cases per minute. Two belts on top and bottom help assure traction for cases up to 85 pounds (38 kg).

Features include: • Dual masts with twin lead screws for taping head stability • Gear motor drive for high volume, heavy-duty dependability • Easy height and width adjustments for a wide range of RSCs • Designed for use with 48-72mm (2"-3") Scotch® Box Sealing Tapes • Easily adjusted side guides center cases of various widths for the full length of the unit • Top flap compression rollers to close flaps for an improved seal • Centrally-located emergency stop for quick and easy access Options: Locking casters, low tape indicator, infeed and exit conveyors, and box hold down attachment

Box capacities Length: 6" to unlimited (152mm to unlimited) Width: 7" to 25.5" (178mm to 648mm) Height: 4" to 36" (102mm to 914mm) See chart on back for selecting height ranges Weight: 5-85 lbs. (3-38 kg)

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