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Muller 2101 - Pallet Wrapper $4,995.00

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Performance: Rotation Speed: 0-10 RPM Loads Per Hour: Up to 30 LPH (Dependant upon wrap pattern selection, loading method, and operator proficiency.)

Load Specifications: Maximum Load Size: 60" W x 60" L x 86" H (85" Load diagonal) Maximum Load Weight: 3,500 lbs

Film Delivery: Film Delivery: Muller "VS2000" powered pre-stretch film carriage Pre-stretch: 200% Factory default pre-stretch level (other pre-stretch levels available) Post-stretch: Electronic film tension control Film Type: Machine film, 20" Roll width, 10" Diameter

Rotation System: Turntable Rotation System: Chain driven, 1/2 HP 90 VDC drive board Turntable Diameter: 58", 3/8" Steel plate Support: Steel casters

Lift System: Film Carriage Lift: Chain driven, 1/2 HP 90 VDC drive board

Power Requirements: Power Requirement: 120 VAC, 15A, Single Phase, 60 Hz Pneumatic Requirement: none

Controls: Controller: PLC Operator Interface: Pushbutton, thumbwheel, dials, etc. Wrap Programs: Standard wrap up & down Wrap Parameters: Top wraps (0 to 9), bottom wraps (0 to 9)

Cut and Seal: Manual process, by operator

Construction: Frame: Welded steel Portability: Forklift tubes

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