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Shanklin TR2 Triumph 2 w/ Options

The Shanklin TR2 Triumph 2 w/ Options

The Shanklin TR2 Triumph 2 w/ Options Features Include:

  • Adjustment Indicators – Manual package adjustments utilize digital indicator displays and linear scale positions that are useful in recipe recall to allow for repeatability and quick set up
  • EZ Load Unwind – Allows for easy loading and change over of rolls of film
  • General Purpose Brush Backed Pin Perforator – Convenient, modular and easily adjustable to optimize air evacuation
  • Recessed Selvage Winder – Places the selvage removal process conveniently within the structure of the machine
  • Light Stack – Indicates important machine status (stop, ready, run mode, and need for attention)
  • Product Changeover Versatility – Easy tooless adjustments for; inverting head, end seal height, side seal height, infeed conveyor and package guides. • Selvage Full Alarm – Indicates warning on light stack and stops machine after an adjustable time delay
  • Selvage Break Alarm – Stops machine and indicates occurrence on light post
  • Reduced Downtime – On-board diagnostics, and modular construction
  • Convenient – maintains the right-to-left product flow direction of the Automatic L-Sealer with virtually the same footprint
  • AC Drive Motors – Dependable and reliable
  • Quick Disconnect Electrical Sensors – Featuring LED telltale connectors with quick disconnect plugs to aid in troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Swing-Out Electrical Box – Provides easy access to traditionally hard to access areas of the machine
  • Ethernet Ready – For network connectivity
  • Batch Counters – Counts machine cycles or can incorporate an external input to count finished case units
  • Smart Carriage Feature – Allows the machine speed to be adjusted without affecting end seal settings
  • Multi Language Operator Interface with 8 Languages

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