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Conveyor, Shuttleworth Slip Torque Belt, 16" x 79"long


Technology The coefficient of friction between the rotating roller shaft and loose fit rollers controls the amount of driving force transmitted to the product. The product weight and roller selection determines the level of driving force. When products accumulate, the rollers beneath slip to avoid jamming, scuffing and shingling.


Low (Thin) Profile:

Using patented Slip-Torque® technology, Shuttleworth has developed a conveyor that has a shallow depth and a completely enclosed drive mechanism. This allows an operator to be comfortably seated while working directly on the conveyor surface. The design is free of pinch points and virtually eliminates lift and reach injuries. Low (Thin) Profile is used for multi-lane, bi-directional or reversing product flow. Low Profile meets Federal Standard 209E Class 1 cleanroom requirements and reduces surface ESD to less than 5 volts.

Easy Clean™:

Shuttleworth is committed to serving the needs of the food industry, which is why the Easy Clean™ Slip-Torque® conveyor was developed. The stainless steel conveyor is fabricated with continuous welds and innovative 45°steel strengths bends. The angled bends allow debris to fall through the conveyor surface and frame structure, rather than collect on horizontal surfaces.