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Rental Equipment

3G Packaging Rental Equipment

All of our equipment is available for purchase. Rental rates vary based on the value and length of rental.

We have a large stock of various systems including shrink equipment, case sealers, case erectors, pallet wrappers, coding systems & more! Looking for something specific? Let us know!

Cousins 2100 LP SRT

Why the LP-2100?

    • Low maintenance stretch wrapper operation: The Cousins LP-2100 operator allows users to seamlessly control the machine with high-tech troubleshooting diagnostics, which feature three wrap programs, reduce film tension and reinforce wrapping with the pause option.
    • High durability AC power motor: This motor requires low startup energy and runs on reliable, economical power for a longer lifespan.
    • Safe film delivery system: This system features a variety of safety precautions to keep your load securely wrapped and ready for transfer, including safety shut off and Rapid Thread™ Safety Door.
    • Range of custom features and modifications: We can customize your LP-2100 to meet your pallet-wrapping needs at an affordable cost.


The 2100SRT is affordable and simple with more standard features than any other pallet wrapper in this price range. A quality machine built with quality components and supported by a local qualified distributor.

Markem Imaje 9450

Why the 9450 Printer?

    • Up to 5 lines of print.
    • Print speed up to 6.6 m/s.
    • Maximize your production performance. 99.9% availability rate(1).
    • Up to 20% reduction(2) in consumable use and energy consumption (no need for plant air) and optimizes your waste-related expenses.
    • Wash it down with pressured water and industrial detergent and make sure your hygiene standards are met (IP56 standard, IP66 optional).
    • An automatic cleaning system will ensure jet stability remains perfect when restarting.
    • Smart consumable system. No set-up required.
    • Promotional coding and serialization functions to support your marketing initiatives.
    • Advanced specialty inks with a high level of adhesion, contrast, thermochromic and colour where needed as well as anti-counterfeiting solutions and environmentally-friendly inks.
    • Easy running cost tracking via a smart monitoring system.
    • Code integrity is automatically checked via the new embedded Mark & Read vision system(3).
    • Parent/Child connectivity.
    • Create images and network printers with optional CoLOS® software.
    • OEM protocol compatibility: MOBA.

Designed to support your Overall Equipment Efficiency improvement.

If improving the efficiency of your production process is one of your priorities, the new 9450 coder was engineered for you. The new Markem-Imaje 9450 is designed to be fully available, keep up with your line speed and secure each of your products with the right code!

Bel 150 Semi-Automatic Case Sealer

Why the BEL 150?

  • 30 Cases Per Minute
  • Quick Case Size Change
  • Uni-Drive Case Transport System
  • DEKKA High-Performance Tape heads
  • Modular Design

Additional Options:

  • Adjustable Carton Stand
  • A-42 Rotary Accumulation Turntable
  • Total Lock Caster Wheels with Extension Adjustment
  • Roller Conveyor for Infeed and Outfeed
  • Flexible Conveyor
  • Spare Parts Kits for Machine Maintenance
  • S-10 Packing Conveyor with Programmable Weight Scale
  • ErgoLevel Packing Height Adjustment


The BEL 150 is a high quality, semi-automatic, top and bottom pressure sensitive tape case sealer designed for the entry level market. This versatile and compact machine can seal a wide range of case sizes and fit in operations with limited floor space. When combined with a BEL case former, it allows one operator to form, pack and seal corrugated cases in a single operation.

Looking for more details or a specific piece of equipment? Let us know!

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