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Pro Efficiency

Pallet dispensing that's TRULY revolutionary

DStacker GS

DStacker GS is a revolutionary pallet delivery system that can operate without electricity! Pallet dispensing with ZERO power required!


Increased pallet dispensing productivity

  • Dispenses a pallet every 10 seconds
  • Operator can reload stack without leaving forklift
  • Reduces pallet storage floor space requirements

Safest method for handling pallets

  • Minimizes hand and back injuries from manual handling
  • Eliminates damage from dropping pallets onto floor
  • Unique pallet containment mechanism safety system
  • Improved workforce morale
  • Helps lower insurance premiums

Eliminates utilities nightmare

  • Simple 12V DC Bttery Power System
  • Eliminates Cost of Running Electical or Pneumatic Power Supply
  • Zero Ongoing Energy Consumption Costs

A global, truly green solution

  • Innovative technology that reduces carbon footprint
  • Technology that organizations can adopt globally

Completely flexible pallet accommodation

  • Available in single or double stack configuration
  • Accommodates two- or four-way pallet styles
  • Footprint customized to fit pallet dimensions
  • 30 or 40+ pallet stack capacity

Minimal space and setup required

  • 50ft2 footprint
  • Install or relocate in under 2 hours

User-friendly operation

  • Train new operators in 5 minutes!

Training &

  • Detailed documentation
  • Questions Asked = Questions Answered
  • Access to our Knowledge Base
  • Follow-up assistance as required
  • We're here to help

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