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Pro Efficiency

Pallet Transfer with Blade Support System

PalletX cPAK

Having problems transferring combo packs or Gaylord bins? The struggle is over!


Easily exchange pallets under heavy or difficult loads

  • Transfer pallets containing 3000+ lbs loads, delicate contents, challenging packaging or case configurations - All in less than 90 seconds!

No more pushing product

  • Eliminates case damage or content contamination from pushing product from one pallet to another

No more product inverting

  • Exchange palletized product that cannot or should not be inverted

Maintain control of pallet costs

  • Helps close the loop on pallet usage
  • Eliminates loss of higher value plastic or aluminum pallets

No dedicated equipment required

  • Use walkie riders or any type of forklift

Completely flexible pallet accommodation

  • 30" x 36" up to 48" x 52" footprint
  • Changeover takes 20 seconds

Minimal space & setup required

  • 65 ft2 footprint
  • Easy to install or relocate

User-friendly operation

  • New operator training in just 60 minutes!

Want to eliminate:

  • cost of lost pallets?
  • damage from pushing product?
  • products being inverted?
  • product contamination?

Want to be able to:

  • transfer heavy loads or delicate product?
  • easily handle difficult load configurations?
  • exchange pallets in less than 90 seconds?
  • control your pallet usage loop?

With PalletX cPAK, now you can!

Training &

  • Detailed documentation
  • Questions Asked = Questions Answered
  • Access to our Knowledge Base
  • Follow-up assistance as required
  • We're here to help

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